2016/9/23 脳による操作は体による操作よりもロボットへの適応力が高い
2016/6/14 長期的な視覚課題の訓練によって脳の異なる場所に2種類の 異なる変化が起こることを人工知能技術によって解明
2016/8/11 Brain-machine interface triggers recovery for paraplegic patients
2016/2/12 脳に電力を送るフィルムとシリコンチップの一体化によるフレキシブルな埋め込みデバイス
2015/12/25 脳卒中の後遺症改善 神経リハビリ 多様に
2015/11/16 デバイス形態は「着る」から「貼る」へ 筋肉の活動を計測する電子ナノ絆創膏
2015/9/24 UCI brain-computer interface enables paralyzed man to walk
 University of California
2015/8/17 A brain-computer interface for controlling an exoskeleton
 Korea University
2015/6/16 理工学部・小野弓絵准教授と穂翔会村田病院が脳卒中リハビリテーション技術を開発
2015/3/31 Researchers Build Brain-Machine Interface to Control Prosthetic Hand
 University of Houston
2015/1/14 ブレイン・マシン・インタフェースと外骨格ロボット技術に基づく脳機能理解に向けた新しい方法論を提案 ~動作支援を可能とする外骨格ロボット技術の脳科学への応用に向けた展開~
2014/12/4 ネットワーク型ブレイン・マシン・インタフェース(BMI)の技術開発に成功
2014/9/11 Brain-to-brain communication – 7,800 kilometres apart
 University of Barcelona
2014/9/3 Researchers demonstrate direct brain-to-brain communication in human subjects
2014/8/27 Robots Receive Internet Brain For Machine Learning
2014/8/14 歩行中枢と腕の筋肉とをコンピュータで人工的に繋いで歩行の随意制御に成功
2014/8/13 Mind over matter: EU researchers use brainpower to get moving
 European Commission
2014/6/23 New Device Allows Brain To Bypass Spinal Cord, Move Paralyzed Limbs
 The Ohio State University
2014/4/28 Stanford bioengineers create circuit board modeled on the human brain
 Stanford University
2014/3/6 A Brain-Machine-Brain Interface for Rewiring of Cortical Circuitry after Traumatic Brain Injury
 CDMRP Department of Defense
2014/2/18 Brain signals move paralyzed limbs in new experiment
2013/12/9 Neural prosthesis restores behavior after brain injury
2013/10/31 Brain-machine interface allows anesthesia control
2013/9/5 Merging electronics and the brain - towards a fully biocompatible neural interface
Lund University
2013/8/27 Researcher controls colleague’s motions in 1st human brain-to-brain interface
2013/8/19 Gartner's 2013 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Maps Out Evolving Relationship Between Humans and Machines
2013/6/11 New tasks become as simple as waving a hand with brain-computer interfaces
 University of Washington
2013/6/5 University of Minnesota researchers control flying robot with only the mind
2013/6/3 Brain-Painting:  g.tec will show the world how to paint pictures just by thinking  at CeBIT 2013
2013/4/30 Study Shows How Tetraplegic Subject Utilizes Brain-Machine Interfaces to Manipulate Prosthetic Arm, and Regain and Restore Significant Limb Functionality
 American Association of Neurological Surgeons; AANS
2013/2/28 Brown unveils novel wireless brain sensor
2013/1/22 OpenViBE2 : A major French project involving Brain-Computer Interfaces applied to video games
2012/12 OpenViBE driver dedicated to the actiCHamp device
 Brain Products
2012/12/16 Woman with Quadriplegia Feeds Herself Chocolate Using Mind-Controlled Robot Arm in Pitt/UPMC Study
2012/11/12 Towards an "intelligent" Brain-Machine Interface
2012/11/1 ネットワーク型ブレイン・マシン・インタフェース(BMI)の一般生活環境への適用可能性を確認~BMIによる生活機器、電動車椅子制御の最新実験を公開~
2012/5/16 People with paralysis control robotic arms using brain-computer interface
2012/4/18 New Brain-Machine Interface Moves a Paralyzed Hand  New technology bypasses spinal cord and delivers electrical signals from brain directly to muscles
2012/3/1 Ethics body seeks views on new wave of brain technologies
Nuffield Council on Bioethics
2012/2/27 How to Control a Prosthesis With Your Mind
2011/11/13 A more flexible window into the brain
Penn Medicine
2011/11/11 Stanford joins BrainGate team developing brain-computer interface to aid people with paralysis
Stanford University
2011/10/10 Man with spinal cord injury uses brain computer interface to move prosthetic arm with his thoughts
University of Pittsburgh, UPMC
2011/10/5 Monkey brains "feel" virtual objects
2011/7/18 Magee research hold out new healthcare hopes
University of Ulster
2011/6/16 A minimally-invasive brain implant to translate thoughts into movement
University of Michigan
2011/2/11 At AAAS 2011: Taking Brain-Computer Interfaces to the next phase
2010/12/14 Robot arm improves performance of brain-controlled device
University of Chicago
2010/10 Brain products devices are supported in the OpenViBE program for BCI research
Brain Products
2010/10/27 From touchpad to thought-pad?
2010/10/20 脳活動計測で「指先の動きをPC上に正確に再現する」技術開発に成功 思い描いた通りに操作できるブレイン-マシン・インターフェィス実現に大きく前進
2010/9/26 Real-time position reconstruction with a brain-computer interface
Guger Technologies (g.tec)
2010/4/6 長期安定性を誇るブレインマシンインターフェイス(BMI)技術を確立-運動機能や認知感覚機能を代償するBMI技術の実用化に向けて一歩前進-
2010/3/29 脳波計測による意思伝達装置「ニューロコミュニケーター」を開発 -重度運動障害者の自立支援に向けて-
2010/2/24 Brain implant reveals the neural patterns of attention
University of Chicago
2009/6/29 脳波で電動車いすをリアルタイム制御-Brain Machine Interface (BMI)の新しい脳信号処理技術を開発-
2009/3/31 考えるだけでロボットを制御するBMI技術を開発
2006/11/6 光トポグラフィを用いて脳活動に伴う脳内の血液量を測定し機器を操作するブレイン・マシン・インタフェースの原理実験に成功